Your Super Highway of Life  
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"Very well written, great job!”

-Dr. Marc H. Glickman,

Vascular Surgeon


I read the book and really enjoyed it! That's why I ordered 5 more copies to give as Christmas gifts to my Vascular Surgery colleagues and their fellows. It is a very useful book for the physicians to understand how patients see the condition. Your book brings up well the difficulty in diagnosing the condition and gives us new motivation to continue our research on finding better ways to diagnose and treat aortic diseases.


Congratulations and thank you for spreading awareness about this disease!

-Helena Kuivaniemi, MD, PhD, FAHA

Geisinger Clinic


Mr. Epps, thank you for the opportunity to review your new book.   Your personal translation of cardiac and vascular disease elicits a clear visual of the “highway” that provides us life.  The anecdote of your experience provides picturesque detail that is comprehensible to both the lay person and the healthcare professional. 

Your book not only shares your experience, but offers a level of education and awareness that motivates the readers to be more involved in understanding the purpose and functionality of our bodies. I appreciate the opportunity to participate in this journey; it is a road well traveled..



-Johnsa Morris, RN,BSN, MBA,CCRN

Director, Patient Care Services

Sentara Norfolk General Hospital



A "journey" worth taking....And that is the book which I have just read.  I may have enjoyed reading this as much as I did because of my personal bias of being a representative of this therapy since 1998.  But, I also enjoyed the detail of which you provide to those interested in this disease state and the treatment they may experience. 

The pathway  in which you formatted the article/journal brought a personal perspective.  I was not aware of your time spent in the Navy and specifically at Portsmouth Naval and Sentara Norfolk General for your treatment.    It drew me into the article at a personal level versus the typical online web search that is sterile and often times oblivious to the emotional status of someone going through the discovery of an AAA or TAA.  

The thoroughness of your research is evident in the information that you present to the reader.  As an EVAR/TEVAR specialist that has been in the operating room nearly every work day for the past 14 years, I find your detail and accuracy to the disease state (recognition, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and recovery) to be "spot on"...Great Job!!!


You are a living testament to both the need for awareness/screening programs as well as advanced care and continued development of technology to treat the result of this disease state.  The "Ticking Time Bomb" in ourselves and our loved one's chest/abdomens must be checked and watched to make sure that if we experience this killer disease, it must be treated accordingly. 

I thank you for including me on your list of reviewers.  I applaud you for your time, effort and commitment to putting your personal "journey" in written words for others to benefit from. Good luck with this publication, bringing AAA and TAA to the forefront of awareness of our society.

 -Chris Adams

Medtronic Inc., Territory Manager


Mr. Epps, I finished reading your book yesterday. The way you simplified a very complex system, using the highway, was just brilliant. Anyone who drives, no matter what age they are, will be able to read The Human Aorta and gain a greater understanding of the arterial flow pattern. God had you go through for 15 years so you could write this book and make the masses aware of the importance of self awareness and health screenings, you never know until you are tested...

I am so delighted that you wanted my feedback on the book. You have done an outstanding job on this book!!! I am very proud of you, happy for you & honored that you wanted my opinion.

-Shawanda Alston, RVT

Registerd Vascular Technologist


Robert - this book is absolutely amazing!!  So much of it took me back to my own experiences and I even learned a thing or two!  Thank you so much for writing this and for sharing it with me.  You are quite remarkable! 

The manuscript is easy to read and I love the way you began with your own story, then broke it down to terms anyone can understand. 

Thank you so much for letting me read this - all I can say is JOB WELL DONE!!

-Donnette Smith,

Executive Vice President, Mended Hearts, Inc.



Your story is truly inspirational and I know that many will enjoy reading your book.  


-Karen Caruth

Executive Director, Mended Hearts, Inc.



Robert Epps provides a frank, compelling personal story of how an aortic aneurysm threatened the life of an active, physically fit, nutritionally person in the prime of his life. His common sense description of the aorta is simple, but vivid. More importantly, though, his story provides a compelling example of why we must take charge of our own health.

His life threatening condition was misdiagnosed by competent, well-meaning health professionals for years until an alert physician detected an anomalous sound in his heartbeat. As Robert puts it, it is imperative that you be your own medical investigator.


Good luck!! I'm very proud of your book and all the work that you've done to help others. You didn't just give thanks for your health, you're giving back so that others might benefit from your experience. That's so inspirational!!

 -William D. Baumgartner,

Rear Admiral, U.S. Coast Guard



People perish, spiritually and physically from the lack of knowledge. We should care enough about ourselves, family and friends and read this book to get understanding. Every hospital (Military, Veteran, or Civilian) and medical office or waiting room should have copies of this book for patients, kudos to you Robert!

-Richard L. Claytor, Sr , LT Col, USAF (Ret)
Associate Pastor,
Calvary Revival Church
Norfolk, VA


This book helped me to understand my father's aneurysm. It was easy to understand and explained with crystal clear detail. I believe it will help the patient, their family and anyone who desires this timely information…excellent work Robert!


-Tammie Perry

Daughter of aneurysm survivor

Senior Manager

Major U.S. Corporation



This book will be an excellent resource for fellow veterans and their families facing an aortic event, caretakers and those who just want the knowledge.

-George L. Smith
DAV Commander, Chapter 21
Norfolk, VA






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